There are hospitals in all larger towns. In smaller towns and tourist areas outpatient clinics and pharmacies are available. Pharmacies are open usually on workdays from 8:00 to 18:00 h, during weekends and holidays there is always one pharmacy in town non stop on duty.

It is recommended to close a health insurance contract before coming to Slovakia, which is usually a part of the travel insurance package.

When needing emergency health care call 112 or specialised rescue service/ambulance.



Before the arrival to Slovakia no special health precautions or medical measures are necessary. We recommend a tick vaccine, especially in case, that you plan to spend a lot of time in the woods. It is also suitable to carry with you some insect repellents, because in areas close to water can be an increased occurrence of gnats.



There is drinking water from the taps, besides some exceptional cases, when a notification warns about the possible defect.



In catering facilities, in trains and at workplaces smoking is allowed only in areas reserved for smokers. Smoking prohibition is valid in closed public areas (covered bus stops, closed sports fields), in publicly accessible spaces (stations, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries, exhibition grounds and similar) and at schools.



230 V/50 Hz, standard socket with safety pin.



For the citizens of the European Union a valid personal ID is sufficient. The list of countries, the citizens of which need a valid visa to enter Slovakia, you find on the home page of the Ministry of foreign affairs of SR, or you can get informed directly at the competent Embassy.



International country code of SR: 00421 (+421)

Mobile operators on the area of SR: Orange, Slovak Telekom, Telefónica O2

Slovakia really well covered by mobile phone networks, which enable calls also from some peaks of Tatras. Only very distant areas are without signal.

In towns it is possible to use public phone cells/booths, which accept coins, or phone cards. The cards can be purchased in post offices, or some newspaper stands.



Police Tel.: 158, 112

Emergency medical service Tel.: 155, 112, 16 155

Fire and rescue service Tel.: 150, 112

Information on telephone numbers in the Slovak Rep.: 1181

Information on international telephone numbers: 12 149

T-Com Customer Service Centre: 0800 123456

ORANGE SR Customer Service Division: 0905 905 905

T-Mobile SR Customer Service: 12345, 1188, 0903 903 903

Air transport: Airport M. R. Štefánika 823 11 Bratislava

Tel.: + 421 2 3303 3353, e-mail:

Train transport: ZSSK Bratislava

Tel.: + 421 2 18 188, e-mail:, 

Bus transport: Slovak bus service, Mlynské Nivy 31 821 09 Bratislava

Tel.: +421 2 972 222 222, e-mail:,